Burnette Shutt & McDaniel sponsors exhibit at Columbia Museum of Art

Often the fight for freedom takes place in a courtroom. At other times, art inspires us to work for a better world. Sometimes, we come to realize that the battle is about finding something within ourselves. 

That’s why Burnette Shutt & McDaniel is thrilled to help the Columbia Museum of Art bring “Something’s Happening: The Big Art of Katie Pell” to our city in August. The exhibit features a theme of freedom of expression and a focus on civil rights.

Based in San Antonio, Pell is a multi-media artist and storyteller. Her work, including several gallery and museum exhibits, explores the dynamics of hierarchy and rites of passage.

She’s also created extensive public art. Larger-than-life pieces include a vibrant backdrop for a playground and a whimsically eerie skate park with a serpent motif. In fact, she’s creating an impressive piece for the Columbia – the museum’s float in the annual Famously Hot! SC Pride Parade down Main Street. The Oct. 19 nighttime event kicks off the annual South Carolina Pride Festival. The two days of events support and celebrate the LGBTQ community and culture in the state. 

Idealistic, humorous and gritty

Her exhibit in Columbia embraces the humor in insecurity and the beauty of imperfection. The eclectic pieces feature Jesus of Nazareth and Peter Frampton, along with awkward teens and sensitive woodland creatures. The oversized pieces embrace the downtrodden.

The exhibit is a stunning mix of hippie idealism, dark humor and grit. Its message: Each of us is performing all our lives. Everyone deserves a little luck and the occasional standing ovation. The pieces reflect the same philosophy depicted in earlier exhibits: We are all rock stars if we could just realize our potential.

We’re looking forward to seeing Katie’s creations when the exhibit opens Aug. 17 in the newly renovated and expanded museum. The featured exhibit will remain until Oct. 28.