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  • They’ve represented

    clients in the highest courts in the state and the nation in cases that have set precedents and changed lives.

  • They’ve fought

    for the rights of girls to play contact sports, and they’ve helped people preserve peace in their neighborhoods.

  • They’ve battled

    for union workers trying to collect vacation pay, and they’ve stopped utilities from overcharging small businesses.

  • They’ve led

    in the community—founding nonprofit advocacy groups and serving on government commissions.

And now, they’ve

come together

to create a different kind of law firm, one where in-depth knowledge, vast legal experience and a commitment to fighting for others are all part of a day’s work, every day.

From Our

  • Ms. McDaniel patiently listened to my concerns during a homeowners association dispute, guided me through the process of challenging the management company’s actions, and provided excellent advice on how to address all aspects of the problems I and my fellow co-owners were facing. I can enthusiastically recommend her to anyone seeking legal advice.

    Bernadette H.

  • Kathleen McDaniel combines dedication and integrity with knowledge of the law. She was triple teamed by power attorneys in my case and prevailed.

    Lisa B.

  • Ms. Shutt was zealous in the representation of her client, and she worked tirelessly on their behalf. She was a worthy and knowledgeable adversary.

    Jim B, attorney

  • Some time ago I retained Nekki Shutt. I needed an attorney strong enough to stand with me against a powerful and undermining opponent. I needed intelligent legal advice to navigate an extremely complicated situation. I needed someone who could not only represent me, but also truly believe in me. A friend recommended I reach out to Nekki. I'm so thankful I did. I was able to walk away from a potentially career devastating situation with my integrity in tact and my professional reputation protected. She continues to check in on me periodically. I'm always happy to report my continued success, which is a direct result of her champion fight for me.

    Charlie F.

  • Jack Cohoon recently helped me work through an emotional matter with a former employer, and I could not be more pleased with his services.


  • The personal attention and wealth of information I received was such that I felt immediately comfortable obtaining the services of Jack Cohoon. I would indeed, and have since, recommended this attorney and this firm.

    John K.

Any information posted is intended only to be representative of the firm’s and or the individual attorney's practice. These testimonials are not intended to, and cannot be relied upon, to predict the results in any other case.

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