Shutt to speak at regional EEOC seminar in Charlotte

COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA – Nekki Shutt, a veteran South Carolina employment lawyer, will present a program this month at a federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission regional training program.

The day-long program is part of the EEOC’s outreach efforts designed to help employers train their managers on avoiding legal issues such as discrimination in the workplace.

Shutt will speak about “Hot Topics in Labor & Employment Law – A Plaintiff Attorney’s Perspective.”

As part of the presentation, she’ll discuss North Carolina HB2, an anti-LGBT bill that became law this year, and South Carolina S1203, a similar bill introduced last month in the Palmetto State.

This week, the U.S. Justice Department sued North Carolina to prevent the state from enforcing the law, which prohibits people from using restrooms, locker rooms, shower rooms or other similar facilities that don’t match the gender listed on their birth certificates.

U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch said her action is about more than bathrooms. Though HB2 often is referred to as the “bathroom bill,” the law also prohibits local governments from passing protections for LGBT people in other areas. This includes employment and accommodations. Lynch said her action is about protecting the rights and dignity of transgender people and about treating everyone with respect.

Other topics on the EEOC seminar agenda include substance abuse and workplace issues; Title VII and the evolution of LGBT protections under EEOC law; social media issues in the workplace; and the causes and consequences of workplace retaliation.

About Nekki Shutt

Shutt is a certified specialist in South Carolina employment law. She often represents clients in issues such employee rights and benefits under federal laws such as ERISA, FMLA and HIPAA. Her practice also includes cases involving discrimination in the workplace and wrongful termination.

She’s a frequent speaker at seminars and training sessions. She also presents continuing legal education programs for the South Carolina Bar.