3 Burnette Shutt & McDaniel attorneys listed in 2018 Best Lawyers in America

COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA – The just-released 2018 Best Lawyers in America includes an impressive showing for Burnette Shutt & McDaniel. The new firm won 13 honors, including two Lawyers of the Year for metro Columbia.

Malissa Burnette, Nekki Shutt and Janet Rhodes of Burnette Shutt & McDaniel won recognition across eight practice areas. Lawyer of the Year honors went to Shutt and Burnette. It’s the second consecutive Lawyer of the Year award for Shutt and Burnette’s fourth overall.

The list of awards:

  • Burnette: Lawyer of the Year, Mediation; Litigation – Labor and Employment; Civil Rights Law; Employment Law – Individuals.
  • Shutt: Lawyer of the Year, Employment Law – Individuals; Litigation – ERISA; Employee Benefits (ERISA) Law; Employment Law – Management; Employment Law – Individuals; Litigation – Labor and Employment; Commercial Litigation.
  • Rhodes: Litigation – Employment Law.

“It’s great that Best Lawyers includes all three of us in employment law litigation,” Burnette said. “We approach every case determined to fight for our clients. We’re pleased that our colleagues recognize our skills in this area.”

Shutt added that the list of awards, which includes honors in mediation and commercial litigation, points to the firm’s versatility. “Yes, the three of us are employment lawyers, but we have other strengths as well.”

In addition to employment law, the attorneys at Burnette Shutt & McDaniel also practice government and environmental law.  One attorney also is a privacy professional. That credential positions her to help clients with data security issues, creating policies and helping with recovery if there’s a data breach.

About 2018 Best Lawyers in America

Best Lawyers in America is one of the oldest peer-reviewed publications for the legal profession. Selection begins with peer nominations. Next, attorneys already listed in Best Lawyers complete confidential evaluations. Finally, data analysis helps determine selection. Lawyers of the Year are those with the highest overall feedback from peers.

The Best Law Firms in America, a companion publication co-produced with US News, will be released in November.