M. Malissa Burnette


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A certified specialist in employment law since 1993, Malissa has a long history of fighting for social justice in cases that change lives for many. These include litigation that opened the doors of state-supported military schools to women, and that allowed girls to play contact sports in South Carolina public schools. She and Nekki Shutt, another of the firm’s founding partners, were lead counsel in the case that made same-sex marriage legal in South Carolina.

In addition to an employment law practice that includes sexual harassment, wage disputes, discrimination and civil rights cases, Malissa handles family law, personal injury and academic matters. She also is a certified federal court mediator and an experienced arbitrator.

Kathleen M. McDaniel


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A founding partner of Burnette Shutt & McDaniel, Kathleen focuses her practice on environmental law, helping businesses large and small obtain the permits they need to get their projects under way. She combines legal know-how with a scientific background – she holds a bachelor’s in aquaculture, fisheries and wildlife plus a master’s in forestry with a focus on stream ecology. Public service as a past member of the Richland County Planning Commission and current town attorney for Richburg round out her diverse skillset.

Kathleen’s wide-ranging practice also includes administrative law, government law, land use and zoning and general litigation. She’s also represented business in utility rate cases and neighbors in community disputes.

Jacqueline M. Pavlicek


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From assisting clients in the event of a data breach to helping business create policies that comply with privacy law, Jax’s practice encompasses a range of information security matters. She holds a CIPP/US designation from the International Association of Privacy Professionals, a credential earning after completing extensive training and passing a comprehensive exam.

Jax also represents clients in litigation and appellate work. Along with Burnette Shutt & McDaniel founding partners Malissa Burnette and Nekki Shutt, she was part of the legal team that paved the way for same-sex marriage in South Carolina.

Janet E. Rhodes


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An experienced litigator, Janet represents clients in a range of discrimination and other employment law cases in both South Carolina and federal courts. She’s handled matters involving the Family Medical Leave Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Fair Labor Standards Act. She’s fought for clients in cases involving age discrimination, equal pay, wrongful termination and wage dispute.

Janet also has represented clients in cases involving military employment rights and in contract disputes, including those involving non-compete agreements.

Nekki Shutt


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A certified specialist in South Carolina employment law, Nekki built on her experience working in a corporate human resources department to create a legal practice focusing on civil litigation. Her emphasis is on employee benefits under ERISA. This includes work with COBRA as well as South Carolina health insurance continuation laws. She also assists clients with medical privacy issues under HIPAA.

Nekki represents clients in a range of other employment law issues as well, including wage disputes, discrimination and wrongful termination. A founding partner of Burnette Shutt & McDaniel, Nekki and colleague Malissa Burnette led the legal team that paved the way for same-sex marriage in South Carolina.


Amy L. Abercrombie
Litigation Paralegal
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Case Assistant
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Senior Law Clerk
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Financial Director
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Denise Nelms
Legal Assistant
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Tamekia Hunter Ross
Client Relations Manager
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Jason R. Williamson
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Traci Wolfe
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