Join us for a unique debutante ball and help save lives

At Burnette Shutt & McDaniel, it’s no secret we love dogs. If you’ve been to our office, you’ve likely met our handsome rescue dog Judge, whose person is firm partner Kathleen McDaniel. And while many of us have dogs who hold a special place in our hearts, heartworms shouldn’t hold a place in theirs. That’s why we’ve decided to host Sally’s Healthy Heart Debutante Ball and Fundraiser to benefit the Humane Society of Dillon County.

proud owner of a healthy heart, SallySally was a stray in Dillon County when she showed up outside the Dillon County Detention Center twice a day, begging for food. The incarcerated men fed her until they were caught by the jailer and Sally was taken to the Dillon County Animal Shelter. Once there, the shelter discovered that she was heartworm positive.  Thankfully, Sally’s medical care was paid for through Burnette Shutt & McDaniel’s donation to the Humane Society of Dillon County in memoriam of Malissa Burnette’s beloved nephew, and Sally was able to receive the lifesaving treatment she needed. Not much later, Sally found her forever home with our attorney, Sarah J.M. Cox and her family. 

Unfortunately, there are 12 more dogs at the shelter who need to be treated for heartworms. This is not uncommon, as each year one in 200 dogs is infected with heartworms. The treatment is long and expensive. That’s why we are hosting Sally’s Healthy Heart Debutante Ball and Fundraiser— to help alleviate the medical costs for these amazing animals. Jocelyn, Stella, Bandit, Princess, Lucy, Koda, Tesha, Duke, Baxter, Tyson, Pepper and Chuck need our help. Their adorable photos, seen in the video above, are provided to the Humane Society of Dillon County by local photographer, Benton Henry.

To learn more about the ball and RSVP, click here to be taken to our Facebook event page.


If you are unable to join us but want to help these good boys and girls receive life-saving heartworm treatment, you can donate by clicking the button below.