Moving environmental law forward

Even the smallest project these days is not so simple. There are often layers of approval from city and county governments as well as before state agencies. Sometimes federal approvals also come into play.

Businesses large and small can count on Burnette Shutt & McDaniel for help navigating this complicated maze of approvals, whether they need wetlands permitting or are facing waste management issues. We can help with land use issues, water regulations, permitting, sustainable development, and more.

Our lead environmental law. attorney, Kathleen McDaniel, skillfully blends government experience, scientific knowledge and legal know-how to guide clients through the process. She grew up on a cotton farm, so she knows the importance of sustaining the land while sustaining the business. As a former planning commission member, she understands the need to balance public interest and private rights.

Her legal work includes experience with mining permits, hog farming, drilling and asbestos issues. She’s represented those seeking permits as well as people opposed to proposals.

Environmental law begins with planning

Kathleen and everyone at Burnette Shutt & McDaniel believe in thoughtful planning from the start. We understand that each client and each project is different. You might need something as straightforward as a water permit or your project could require protection of endangered species. It could encompass multiple issues and several agencies. We analyze thoroughly to determine what you need. We plan carefully, considering current goals as well as future possibilities. Our attorneys partner with you over the long haul, representing you if new regulations or challenges pop up.

Though much of our work involves local agencies, we go beyond city halls and county buildings. We help with all South Carolina and federal environmental laws and regulations. This include air pollution issues, solid and hazardous waste, underground storage and more. We assist with permitting as well as with remediation issues. We can help keep you on track once your project is finished, making sure you’re aware of the compliance audits and paperwork you’ll need moving forward.