Helping you help others

Doing good for the community can go beyond finding a cause and donating time or money. For people interested in improving the world on a larger scale, creating a non-profit organization sometimes is the answer.

At Burnette Shutt & McDaniel, we can help you take care of all the paperwork and approvals you need to get your non-profit going. That way, you can focus, free from worry, on the great work you want to do.

We can assist non-profits in creating articles of incorporation and bylaws that outline whom the organization will benefit and how assets will be distributed if the non-profit is dissolved. We can help complete applications to receive federal 501(c)(3)  status that’s necessary before any charity, trust or foundation is exempt from sales or property tax. This also is crucial because it lets donors make tax-deductible contributions.

Non-profit governance in South Carolina

In South Carolina, organizations also must file with the state Department of Revenue. Groups that plan to raise money in the state must submit applications with the Secretary of State. We can help you with all the federal and state paperwork needed to make sure you have full approval.

Tax-exempt status, though, does exempt a non-profit from other provisions of the law. A non-profit that receives substantial government funding could be subject to freedom of information laws and required to disclose documents and data. Even if government funding isn’t a factor, non-profits still must make certain tax documents available to the public.

If there are paid employees, at minimum, the organization will have to register with the state.  Non-profits that offer certain retirement plans are subject to ERISA. Many are subject to worker’s compensation laws and wage and hour law, as well as non-discrimination laws under the EEOC. Our certified employment law specialists can put your non-profit on solid ground in these areas.