Moving business law forward

We have resolved business disputes quickly through negotiation, and we have fought for clients for decades. At Burnette Shutt & McDaniel, we represent clients in a range of business litigation, from simple to complex.

Our work has included contract disputes, eminent domain issues, torts and more. Every lawyer at our firm is an experienced litigator who’s handled cases in all levels of state and federal court in South Carolina.

We start each case with an in-depth talk that helps up determine the circumstances surrounding the case. This also helps us grasp your priorities. Do you need a quick resolution due to financial reasons or is the principal of the matter most important? Recognizing that most cases fall somewhere in between, we then work with you to develop the best strategy for your situation.

A tailored approach to business disputes

Regardless of whether we’re representing the plaintiff or defendant in business disputes we approach each case with fresh eyes. Unique circumstances require innovative strategies. We work to formulate the plan best suited to each client’s needs and goals.

We build each case with an eye toward trial, thoroughly researching both facts and legalities. Even if the case is settled, which most are, this puts you in the best possible position to either maximize recovery or limit damages.

All the while, we work hard to keep clients informed. It’s your livelihood, your reputation at stake. We will keep you updated about important developments. There are key junctures in every case and key strategy decisions along the way. We will carefully analyze all the options and present them to you. We’re just a call away any time you have questions or concerns.