Moving procurement law forward

Selling something to the government is not as simple as being able to supply the product at a great price. On the other side of that coin, buying something if you’re a local government involves more than finding that great price and paying the invoice.

Doing business with a government can be lucrative for a business. There’s a little more advance work to do first, though, than when you’re dealing with the private sector.

At Burnette Shutt & McDaniel, we can help businesses of any size enter the potentially profitable government market. Whether you’re a potential contractor or subcontractor, we have the experience to help you get going.

We can walk you through the process of becoming a registered vendor. Our lawyers can show you how to get in line for procurements that don’t have to be advertised or go through the bid process. We also can familiarize you with government ethics laws. This can protect you from accidentally violating a law you didn’t know existed.

A range of procurement law services

Our government law attorneys also can caution you about clauses and caveats that might make you think twice about government contracting. This is particularly so at the federal level. If trouble arises, we can craft a protest or appeal of an agency’s decision. If it comes to it, our experienced litigators can take your dispute to the court system.

Burnette Shutt & McDaniel also works with local governments. We help them develop competitive bidding processes, and we represent them if a business challenges that process.