Moving wrongful termination law forward

Though South Carolina is an at-will state where companies can fire employees for no reason, there still are lines that employers can’t cross.

These include firings related to political activity or retaliation after a civil rights complaint or workers’ compensation claim. A business can’t discriminate based on age, race, sex, gender, religion, disability and more when firing employees. If there’s a contract, a business must stick to that agreement. Union workers sometimes have additional protections under federal law.

In certain situations, employees can sue for wrongful termination after quitting if the employer has made working conditions so horrible that a reasonable person wouldn’t stay on the job.

The employment lawyers at Burnette Shutt & McDaniel have helped many people move on from a wrongful termination. Some want their jobs back, while others want financial compensation. Still others want to force the company to change its ways.

Recovering from wrongful termination

No matter your goal, our experienced lawyers can help you move toward it. We’ll discuss the situation with you and figure out where best to file your wrongful termination claim or lawsuit. The options include involving various state agencies or the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) or U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), depending on the circumstances. South Carolina and federal court also are possibilities.

We’ll gather evidence supporting your case. This can include performance evaluations, memos and emails, pay records and handbooks or policy manuals. We’ll also talk to witnesses.

Our employment lawyers understand that stress that often comes with losing a job. The stress usually is intensified when the firing is due to a wrongful termination. That’s why we make every effort to communicate with you throughout the process. We analyze the possibilities at every key juncture and present you with options so you can make informed decisions. We track your case carefully, making sure key deadlines are met.

Throughout the entire process, we keep your needs and your goals in mind.