Moving utilities law forward

From customers in rate cases to companies in litigation, Burnette Shutt & McDaniel can help with legal matters involving a range of utilities, public and private. This includes telecommunications, water and sewer, electricity and natural gas providers throughout South Carolina.

We represent both utilities and ratepayers in issues before the South Carolina Public Service Commission. Our work doesn’t end with administrative and regulatory law, though. Our skilled litigators can take matters to the South Carolina court system when necessary. We’ve argued before the South Carolina Court of Appeals as well as the South Carolina Supreme Court.

A wide-ranging utilities law practice

We also assist clients in getting projects off the ground. We can represent utilities through often-extensive environmental review and approval. The process can include city and county governments, as well as the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control. In every case, whether it’s  land use approval, environmental remediation, or wetlands permitting, we work with an eye toward cost-effective results.

We’ve also fought, and won, battles that have made entire industries more cost effective in the long run. In one case, our attorney worked with expert witnesses to show that businesses were paying too much for sewer services. The case headed for the South Carolina Supreme Court when the wastewater company relented.

We fight for citizen watchdogs, too, using tools such as the Freedom of Information Act requests. In one case, legal intervention resulted in the South Carolina Department of Environmental and Health Control turning over important monitoring records for a landfill site.